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Anime Boston 09 report

The full report can be read here: http://kitcat4056.deviantart.com/journal/24960895/ But i'll tell you some of the epicness C:

Link for the pics too: http://kitcat4056.deviantart.com/gallery/#Anime-Boston

Anime Boston short reportCollapse )



Exactly two more weeks until Anime Boston '09 (we're leaving a day early to settle into our room and organize ourselves). Ordered my red contacts a little late...hope I have them for the con...Getting my hair dyed Saturday. Much less painful than a wig.

Pants need to be hemmed and a suitable belt found because, heh, I lost belly & hip pudge since I got them. Boots are ten times more awesome and comfortable this time around C: No props or redos on the gloves because lack of time and funds.

Other than that my Alucard costume is ready ^^

Hoping we decide on where and when the Hellsing photoshoot will be soon...Also crossing fingers that it won't clash with meeting Troy Baker...Wished the schedule was a little more acurate and released sooner...

...Artist Alley table...not so much ready, though we are done sending in money and making sure where we are in the room is alright. Banner/table cloth, cards and prints are still needed. I started early doing everything and still end up late on doing stuff B( Stock is just going to be whatever I got, i got. I'll keep making stuff for another week, after that i gotta stop or else I'll be rushing. And rushed charms and wobbles are never good.

If you're coming to AB let me know C:

Unhappy clam

Well April this year has sealed the deal of being the worst month this year and there's still a week left, give or take...

Won't be posting as fast for awhile due to computer problems...continue through the cut if you want to know more.

Cut for your sanity...Collapse )

Why are some of the Group logs active while others have not been touched? Its the weekend! It should be busy! Some of the characters plots that need to have an affect on them in the future have not been touched much if at all. *coughIntegracough*

I'm so mentally and emotionally stressed...I know there are those worse off than I am but still, I feel like crap because of all that's happened this month...


Life, the Universe, and Everything

Behind the cut lies your doom. Or just an update on me and my life at the moment. I update my DA journal much more so don't worry about getting these every week XD

Don't talk to me about life...Collapse )
That's about it for now. If you read all that, thank you and wow <3


Just posting this. This will be my RPG journal, moztly for furubaverse.


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